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Sunday, April 18, 2010
fusion 2010

i love fusion 2010~ it was totally awesome!! praise and worship was really meaningful as well as interesting :) really showed me that hymns are really wonderful in worshiping God and even though they are oldies they are still goodies :)) and the sermon was really wonderful by pastor kai ming. it was really entertaining, hilarious and at the same time the point was really easy to grasp, which is the TRUTH IS THAT GOD THERE!

omg! comp is in super close now and i am so freaking out! just thinking about comp is making me nervous!!! pls pls pls let time pass a little slower now :))
6:44 AM
Thursday, April 15, 2010
7 more day!!!!

omg!!! gym competition is coming and i am seriously freaking out!!! it is like one more week to go and i am still dying during training :( i am so scared that i will screw up during competition :( and of all places why must competition this year be in woodlands? it is so far away!!!! it is like a totally new place to have our competition at. gahhhhh i am really scared!!!! god help me!!!

and aall the way sarah!!! u can do it!!!!
6:26 AM
Sunday, April 4, 2010
happy easter!

YEA! it is easter! the day jesus rose from the dead and we are all delivered from sin!! thank you God for sending your only son down to earth for all of us, ur love really is unconditional!

youth service today was really awesome with the skit, sermon and all. hope that newcomers to ympact have been touched in wonderful ways :) come back to attend ympact soon yea??? >< i am really lazy to blog alot today, exhausted after gym training :( well at least my ribbon is slowly improving which is not too badd :) about 2 more weeks to gym competition! and i am seriously freaking out already!!!! wonder wad competition willbe like this year... hmmmmm
7:12 AM
Friday, April 2, 2010
TGIGF GAG( gods amazing grace)

yesterday good friday was awesome! and gwen thanks for totally coming and i really hoped that u have enjoyed yourself there!!! hope that all the new people had fun as well as touched by god in some way or another!

sorry i havent been blogging for a while paiseh paieseh >< but the past one week has been totally crazy starting with a totally screwed violin lesson to seeing gurmit singh at the vet well at least my dog's eye cum ear infection is getting better:)) was so scared that he would go blind or something cos his eyes were like blood red and swollen :( go rocky u gotta get well soon!!!
9:01 PM
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
let it rain

finally it is raining! it really feels like singapore might become some cool underwater city and we will all swim around (which will be pretty cool) and be probably grow a fish tail or something! i hope it rains more cos it is seriously fun and not to mention extremely cooling! soon i will hav to start bringing my jacket to school:))

had another chinese word test again, which i am totally sure i failed again:(( the best part is that i seriously studied for it:( well at least i was able to write in some stuff and kindda crap through all the write-a-sentence question>< sighs, i really have to pull up my chinese to at least a pass or else i am pretty sure i am going to die :( jiayou me :)) healthy bundung(soya milk with bundung
) is really nice esp with pearls :)) and GWEN! i really need my notebook back!!!!!!
1:45 AM
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
say CHEESE..

study date= picture date :)) this is best equation i hav ever come across and it is so true!!! it totally beats all the equations i hav learnt. well sarah came over today to do the pe project about soccer. seriously i rather play soccer than do a project about it :( well the whole project just turned into some photo taking session , but at least we finished the project which is GOOD! at least i learnt more stuff about my camm like it do some stuff like emphasising certain colours and alot more.

we also ended up giving a watermellon a "bath" cos my grandma left it soaking in a basin of water. somehow the reason for soaking the mellon there was to make it cruchier??? i really cant believe that by soaking the mellon it get cruchier, shouldnt it get soggy or something? well i guess i will post some of the photos i took today but definitely not all 70 cos it will be like some photo flood><>
10:28 PM
you are the thunder

training again! having training 3 days in a row is so wrong :( somehow training today was depressing :( seeing yourself fail repeatedly after each routine kills the mood and everthing. cheer up larr siowpin dun be so disheartened by today, we will pull through somehow:) i wont talk much about training cos i will feel even more stressed out the com is already around the corner :(

almost got blisters from practising my violin cos i had to pluck the string while playing the notes. ( so much for multi-tasking) guess cos i havent done such stuff for so long, so yupps blisters were starting to come out >< thank god my violin lesson was pretty alright :)) well went through on how to play the song with emotion finally the song is almost done already:) one more to learn! still hav to practice though cos my violin practical is right after my competition :( i really cant imagine how i will cope with all these stuff! and i still hav to get a pianist to accompany me! OHNO! seriously why must the practical test be smack right in the competiton season????
8:23 AM
Sunday, March 14, 2010
train, train and train....

finally my theory exam is OVER! although i think i screwed it up but who cares!!! it is over! i get a break from theory for like a month plus! can sleep now every tues afternoon. sleeep is something i am lacking in my life! (just for info my theory exam was yesterday :) kindda late in the posting but woots:)

today was interestion, went to this chicken place at ehub where everything on the menu had something to do with chicken. played this cool card game (something like happy family) but is was a pretty loud card game :) everyone was like shouting out how many cards they wanted to trade ><

oh and breakout is awesome! watched it on friday and i couldnt stop laughing the whole performance! and the dancer are seriously awesome and super good! they kept spinning and flipping everywhere! there was even a beatboxer who kept beat boxing with the gun. super amazed that he didnt shot himself or something :) i will seriously watch their show again if they come back to singapore! so guys pls do come back!

a brochures of the super cool breakout! love you guys!!!

4:18 AM
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

here i am seating my room trying really hard to study for bio while the temperature is like crazy out there. alrite time to start saving the earth out there, cause if temperature rises out there, i think i will be the first to die. well but at least on the upside if the climate goes crazy, maybe we will get some winter here for real! well thats good rite? i really dun mind playing in metres deep of snow and making snowballs. (although my bro is so fair till he looks like one)

ok fine that was yesterday.. couldnt finish writing it on time :(( tats wat bio can do to u :(( u know i really wish i could be in pri 6 again even if that means i hav to take my psle again. it is seriously ironic that when i was p6 i couldnt wait to become a secondary student >< but now.. yea it is really funny when u seriously look back and see how was life was then. at least i get to hav aircon in my room cos my cousin is over and sleeping with me so YES! no more super hot night :))) although my feet is freezing now is still rawks~ well cheers to all!
4:24 AM
Monday, March 8, 2010

finally managed to get the cbox up! took a freaking long time to remember! i know the tittle is totally random but who cares! well it was cos during pe (soccer again), i suddenly remembered a song i used to sing when i was a wee little kid. it is the christ in the vessel song. something which ihavent sang in a freaking longg time :) talking about soccer, i got even tanner with even more ugly tan lines :( but soccer is officially hilarious and fun to play :) now thanks to gym i now hav a brilliant time of muscle aches which is giving me a hell lotta pain :(( still suck at the ribbons :( it may seem really pretty to play with but training in it is super hard and i also suck in handing up maths hmwk! ( random i know) somehow i just hate handing up my maths hmwk no matter wad! maybe it is cos i am lazy or a slacker but i am determined to do my maths hmwk now! maybe it is cos i really owe too much already or it may help me out with my maths test :)) sighs.. i am still yearning for the pair of shoes!!!! i wish i could stick my name there and like keep it in a hidden corner of the shop :( come on mom! i really wanna go far east! the shoes will be gone!!!
4:56 AM